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Mutual Benefits

Financial success that rewards our firm, our employees and our client.


Our assets are our people. We acknowledge that we are not just hiring our employee's brains or brawn, but their hearts as well. We want to build a community, not just a business.


Positive relationships with our colleagues, clients and the communities in which we do business.


To attract people who have the ability to develop the company according to their field.

Hardini Puspasari began her career in marketing communication since 1994. She started by being involved in Public Relations activities, Marketing Communication and Sales Promotion. Prior to establishing Inmark Communication, Hardini was a professional communication consultant and also had the chance to gain experience in several companies also managing their PR and Marketing Communication In 1998 she was the Manager for PR and Promotion for SEVENTEEN Magazine under the Femina Group and then as PR and Communication Manager for the Imperial Aryaduta Hotel & Country Club From Femina Group she then moved on to larger responsibilities within her field in Communication.

She was a staff at the Ministry of Co-ordination for Economic Affairs, at National Planning Board, at World Bank in Jakarta, Asian Development Bank in Jakarta and at the Ministry Of Finance. From all the trainings and experiences she gained, she is convinced that Communication is always at the center of modern civilization and is dynamic and very necessary. An integrated communication system is important for all modern organization be it Government or Private, especially now where the Globe has become very small indeed and very "near". Many types of media are used to communicate integrating them is the challenge but very important.

Being aware of such matter and sees the opportunity to make a business out of it, Hardini decided to establish PT Integrated Marketing Communication; her great passion in Communication grew the business. Today, after about 20 years being immersed in Communication Business, Hardini is able to expand the company to handle a diversified detrivative business like PR Cunsulting, Media Publication, Marketing Communication, Branding, Event Management, Training and Social Media Handling.

Hardini received he Masters degree in Communication Management and has not stopped gaining experience and knowledge by being actively involved in HIPMI, HIPPI, KADIN and APINDO. These are non-government and non profit organizations but who are the Partner of the Country to continue to develop and strengthen Indonesia. With her vast network, deep understanding of her core business and "never stop learning" motto, Hardini is convinced that she will be able to captain Inmark Communication to not only become a striong National company but to even go International.