Desicions and choices we make will be governed by the highest standards of honesty and integrity.

No mistake is dumb

The only bad mistakes are ones we don't learn from.

Mutual Benefits

Financial success that rewards our firm, our employees and our client.


Our assets are our people. We acknowledge that we are not just hiring our employee's brains or brawn, but their hearts as well. We want to build a community, not just a business.


Positive relationships with our colleagues, clients and the communities in which we do business.


To attract people who have the ability to develop the company according to their field.

Water in essence is like communication. There is life because there is water, because there is communication there is civilisation. Water is needed by life, Communication is needed by civilisation; hence like water, communication is also needed by life.

We realise that from ordinary people to leaders of nations, or dignitaries, from private companies to State Owned Enterprises and even NGOs, ALL will need communication for its internal and external use.

There is only one Communication and this is required and needed by all who has to convey its vision, mission, values and even simple messages. Just like water that that can take many forms and shapes and uses. It is this "Water Philosopy" that forms the foundation of PT Integrated Marketing Communication (INMARK Communication) when executing its business as a Communication Consultant.

The different forms of communications are utilised by INMARK Communication in order to strike at the right target. All are executed according to INMARK Communication's motive for its clients, and that is - Your Success, Our Priority -.